3 generations of family sit huddled together in a living room wearing birthday hats. Text reads "How to begin a new family tradition/ Connecting with the ancestors"


  1. Hey Dusty,
    Thanks for reading! It’s cool to hear about your children keeping your traditions going…my kiddos are all still little so I can’t even imagine!

  2. Passing on & creating traditions with my family has always been important to me. When my children were little, my husband & I created new traditions for our children, and it has stuck with them. Great Post!

  3. Hey Brad, thanks for your comments and reflections. By the “inside”, do you mean kind of untalked about outside of your home things, like almost “secret”, but in a sacred sense?
    As I think about your comment of the story telling component, I realize that the story telling also helps me integrate those memories and understand myself, my experiences and the common threads of my life. Cheers!

  4. I love that, the slow family day on a weekly basis. We kind of do that now, watch a movie together and eat pizza every Sunday. I hope you find something that works well and feels good for you. Isn’t it so interesting that for you it was the women in your family that brought life and vibrancy to those family traditions? Matriarch vibes*

  5. I’m all about creating connection to my family with special traditions, having these special things on the ‘inside’ of our family, in my opinion, is what creates memories. Passing along the story’s is such an important component that I hadn’t properly reflected on

  6. As a kid, Thanksgiving and Christmas held such a special feeling for me. Now that most of my older family is gone that made these traditions lively (especially my grandma and aunts), it’s not the same. But I am in search of making new traditions with my littles. I think a special breakfast/slow relaxing day as a family on a weekly basis is going to be something I look back on fondly. Rather than holidays I’d like to make seasonal traditions as well.

  7. Ah, that’s some good perspective about traditions needing to change as your children grew older. My kiddos are all pretty young currently, so I’m not there yet. I’m sure I’ll reflect back on this when that time comes. Thanks for reading 🙂

  8. Family traditions are so important! I found as my family grew and changed, the traditions had to change too. Some began to feel hollow as children moved on. New traditions buijj my t connection in our changing family.

  9. “memories are gifts left to us from the universe”…I love that! Thanks for reading and for taking the time to comment 🙂

  10. Really good memories of days gone by, people who have passed over to the other side you were able to knowledge their kindness in different ways ,as you continue on with your journey may you be able to build your own memories as your children grow and they will be able to continue on with your gifts and legacies for years to come, memories are gifts left to us from the universe so we can continue to keep the people who have passed alive not in the physical sence but the spiritual sence.

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