TODDLER BOY Capsule wardrobe


How to easily  make one and  do away with  laundry piles FOREVER!


A toddler boy capsule wardrobe is a small collection of carefully and intentionally picked clothing items that are used to meet all of your toddler boy’s clothing needs

This capsule wardrobe typically contains matching or coordinating everyday wear items (typically 12-14 pieces), footwear, outerwear, dress up clothes and pyjamas.

Besides being an eco  friendly option...

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With a capsule wardrobe you'll

-teach your toddler about getting dressed -save money -use less space -keep your kiddo comfy -do less laundry ...and most importantly...

be able to spend MORE time

with who you value most.

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EVERYTHING  you need to plan the  toddler boy capsule wardrobe of your dreams. (+ free planner)

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